Above are some initial sketches for Duet. At first the two motors were connected by silicone material. As I sketched, I wondered what would happen to the vibration if the motors were separated. It turns out that by freeing the motors it increased the vibration because this allowed the tips to move around more freely. For a vibe so compact, the vibration was pretty impressive.


Sketch Review 

Just landed from China,...I am so excited about everything! And now I'm getting my head wrapped around the design for Edition9. 


Chinese Sex Toy Shop

This video of a sex toy shop in China is predominately the only type of shops you will find- hidden in an unsavory ally or corner with very few quality selection of products for women. Unfortunately boutique shops tailored for women are pretty much non-existent here.


electric bike

China is not quite what I envisioned.  With all the talk of China being a bad global citizen on the carbon footprint front, it was really impressive to see that in Xiamen, you can't find a single gas powered scooter.  Literally, every single scooter and/or motorcycle is electric.  It is almost like it is the law or something!  Really really cool.....


rainy day colors


Dinner Together

So far, been a great trip.  Got a good feeling about this.


Arrival in Xiamen

This opportunity with Ti has taken on a life of its own.  She flew out to SF for a week (like an idiot, I didn't take any photos...she is a bit camera shy) and the more we are looking at it, the more it feels like we should find a way to do this together.  The next step was me flying out to Xiamen, to see how she is getting stuff done here, and work out the details of joining forces.


Pressure Injecting Silicone

It is looking like both the best (both in terms of safety and feel) for soft parts of these products is to use silicone.  But one can't process it with traditional injection molding (aka plastics), so there is this tricky mixing, injecting, and curing process.  We are just starting to get a feel for this, but I suspect this is going to be a tricky and important process for us.



Lauren was in Intern this summer and has decided to stick around and join the pursuit! She has a great background in engineering and design, and it feels a lot better to be more then just me running around chasing this idea.


AVN in Florida

I am getting a bit tired of these industry shows.  The stereotypes of such a show largely hold.  There are a few good sorts here, and probably worth stopping once in awhile, but not any place close to where we would seat the brand.

So literally the last night of the show, at an event I was planning to skip, I bump into Ti Chang of Incoqnito.  This is the same boutique brand I ran across at the ILS show.  This chance encounter at midnight ran into a 6-hour conversation that had us watching the sun rise over the pool.  Amazing how similar our vision (and frustration) is to what the space can be (and all that is wrong with it).  From day one, I have always believed the lead design voice of the brand should be a woman (a bit of a female Jonny Ive of our world), and on 1st pass, I kinda think Ti is perfect.  Not sure how we get from here to there (She lives in China, and has this collection of jewelry items she is looking to bring to market), but we are both open to exploring where this conversation can go.


Silicone Casting

Beginning to sort out the magic of silicone. On the top is a FDM silicone over-mold (first one for us ever) and on the bottom is the first part from the process. Items like color, surface finish and the like are yet to be dialed in, but we are getting much better results in silicone over molding then I would have expected this quickly.


Initial Circuit Board Testing

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