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If you want to keep up with the pulse of Duet as we work to bring it to life, you can find us both on this Blog and other parts of the interwebs below. Our goal is to share a lot of this journey, so if you were ever curious about what is behind making a product like Duet, this is your chance to have a peek and stay in touch along the way.

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Lots of Questions - Hopefully answered here!

Q: I was never asked for my shipping address and color choice, how can I give you this information?

A: At the end of the project we will send you a request for your shipping address and color choice.


Q: I've contributed to the project but forgot to add the additional shipping fee. Will I still get my Duet?

A: No problem, at the end of the project when we contact you for your shipping address at which time we will send a PayPal request for the additional shipping fee.


Q: I tried to contribute but my name never appeared in the list of backers, did my payment not go through?

A: Some backers have had an issue with certain browsers and paypal. Look for a confirmation email from paypal to know that your pledge went through, otherwise please try again from a different browser or feel free to drop us a note. If you want to double check, just send us a note at


Q: You've reached your goal, can I still get a Duet?

A: Yes! For as long as the project is open (until September 23) you can still contribute and receive a Duet, and further back us on this journey. THX for the support!


Q: When will I receive my Duet?

A: The CKIE project ends September 23, and we are working to ship as soon as possible after the end of the project. Our current plan is to start shipping to CKIE backers in early October. [Update - Started end of Nov, should be finsihed 1st week of Dec for non-memory Duets...still working on a final shipping date for memory Duets]


We Reached our Goal! 

We can’t believe that after two short days of being live on CKIE we’ve met our goal of $15K! We are overwhelmed by the amount of love and support for the Duet. What an amazing journey this has been so far. Can't wait to see where it the remaining 39 days take us!


Media Buzz

It’s been an amazing few days on CKIE, with so much love and support! We are thrilled to see some initial buzz happening throughout the media. Here are a few of some our favorite posts about the Duet from the past few days:





Washington Post

The Register


Live on CKIE

We went on CKIE today! (For those unfamiliar, CKIE is a new crowdfunding platform similar to Kickstarter). After months of hard work, the Duet was finally ready for its debut. If you haven't seen it yet, watch the video above to learn more about the Duet and where some of the inspiration for the the design and features came from! 

And check out our CKIE product page to support us and help spread the word!


New Colors


Brand Inspiration


Leather Sourcing

Last Friday Ti and I made a trip to SH Franks in the mission as we heard they are the go-to local leather supplier in the area. Larry was super helpful and even gave us a five minute lesson on how to work with leather in the way we wanted. We walked away with a starters kit of tools and some scrap pieces of vegetable tanned leather in a variety of colors. 


Talking Brand with Marc


Packaging Brainstorm

Earlier today we had another brainstorm that included looking at a variety of existing packaging including some consumer electronics, beauty and cosmetics products. 


Packaging Inspirations


Packaging Strategy

Starting to make some progress on the product front, in particular packaging that is true to one of the emerging core elements of the brand - sustainability. The more we look at this, the more entirely non-trivial it appears, as in addition to addressing sustainably, it needs to be elegant. Apple is often sited as an example of a quality packaging experience, but in looking the last few Apple products I have bought (from MacBook to IPod), they sure don't strike me as all that low impact.

As we move forward, there are really three key areas to focus on:

  1. Utility:  I think there is an opportunity around having whatever our products are packaged in to also have high value utility that lives on beyond the unpacking. This can be either directly related to the product, or perhaps more tangentially, but in any event the user should be excited about what it is, vs. defaulting to throw it away.
  2. Less is More:  Focus on what we really need in the packaging in an effort to keep its volume/elements to a minimum, but doing so w/o sacrificing the an elegant packaging experience.
  3. Let it Grow:  To the degree someone has to throw something away, let's want to make sure it compostable/biodegradable...and perhaps in some fun ways.
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