Shipping & Address Information Update

The last update we sent noted that a few days following we would be sending out a request for shipping information & color choice.  Well, as that was a few weeks ago, we clearly called that one wrong - please accept our apologies.  It turns out that crunching through the 1000 entry spreadsheet from CKIE and setting up a smooth way to process all the orders was a bit more complex then we hand envisioned.  The good news is that we are pretty close, so if all goes well, you will get the aforementioned request this weekend or early next week.

On the timing for shipping Duet, we are cautiously optimistic that we will begin shipping in the next week or two.  There are close to 50 unique parts in the Duet, so there is just a lot of supply-chain to manage as well as parts to assemble.  We much appreciate your patience and support as we continue to move the Duet into production.


Charm Cards Arrive

Ah! The charm cards have arrived from our printer! They look fantastic! The paper is beautiful, the silver foil is gorgeous...I love it when the final product looks even better than you imagined. You can see the early mockups here. These cards will be included in each Duet. These cards will hold the silver Crave charm which has an engraved URL on the back so in case you ever need to find product information on the Duet, you can always use the URL as a reference.


One Thousand Motors and Counting...

Actully closer to 900 in this photo, but a good number to be sure. Each Duet uses two precision motors that we encase in a special assembly, each of which we hand assemble. One of several assembly tasks that have kept us busy the last few weeks as we get closer to shipping.


Packaging PrePress Check

Thank goodness for proofs before a press run - we were able to catch a few issues before its too late. I am reviewing a high-res proof of the Duet packaging at the manufacturer's facility in Sacramento, about 2 hours from San Francisco. The colors aren't quite right and we need to figure out a better placement for our FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. So we'll need another iteration of the packaging proofs before its ready to go on press, but overall its getting there. Printing is one part of the manufacturing we are doing locally- it enables us to have a a better control over the process, a press check is just a drive away instead of a couriered package from overseas, and it helps to minimize the environmental imapct - from the carbon footprint for transportation and use of sustainable forestry.


Remembering Steve Jobs


It would difficult be overstate the impact Steve Jobs has had on us and how dearly he will be missed.

He has been a Beacon for Design in a wasteland of products most often seeking only to be mediocre.  He touched us and improved our daily lives not just with the products he brought to life - but as profoundly - through the untold number of designers and companies that are inspired by his vision.

He became a stunning example of the greatness that can come from doing what you love and in the same breath he managed to change the world.

It just won't be the same without you Mr. have our eternal gratitude.


Board Testing

This is a test fixture and charging station for the Duet battery and board assemblies.  While Duet can charge just fine on a computer USB jack, this kinda becomes a bit of a challenge when you need to charge 1000 of them.  We just finished this little fixture that can charge 80 at a time.  You will note on the video a lot of little flashing lights.  We are working on a charge monitoring system that is fully aware of the Duets charge status. When charging it blinks slowly at the beginning, faster towards the end, then when fully charged the LEDs stays on.


Duet Stickers

Fresh off the press! Duet stickers for our packaging. These stickers mark the various Duet models and colors on each box. The 16GB and 8GB have a gold foil and all others are offset printed with a matte varnish. These turned out great! Yay!


Charm Card

Here is a paper prototype of the charm card that all the Duets will come with. The paper stock is thick (so it won't bend so easily like the way it is here) and it has a lovely foil stamping on the front and offset printing on the inside. Currently this card is at the printer and we should get them later this week. Can't wait to share some pictures when we receive the final ones! I really love getting things from the printer, its like x-mas! We also have our business cards coming soon...


Crossing $100K @ 24 Hour Mark!

With just over 24 hours left in the project, we are amazed to find ourselves at $100K in total funding!
A milestone we would have never imagined when this project began.

Thank you all so much for your incredible support. We are now working feverishly to bring the Duet into production!

Ti & Michael


Automated Board Pick & Place

Was in San Jose late in the day Friday running the first circuit board panel (24 boards) of the pre-production Duets.  I must admit I am totally in awe of these machines, which can put components (those itty bitty tiny thingys) on a board at a stunning rate.  Once these boards are validated, we will then move onto running approximately 1,000 boards for the initial CKIE orders.


Crave & CKIE - A Special Thank You Gift... For Life

Hello CKIE Backers,

We wanted to let you know how moved we have been by your incredible support in bringing the Duet to production.

As a gesture of our gratitude, we've decided to create an exclusive Crave Founders Card for all CKIE backers who have contributed at the $75 and up level before the project ends on Sept 24th (above is a quick design concept of the card). The Crave Founders Card will allow you to have a lifetime discount of 20% on all future personal purchases directly from us.

So if you've been inspired to spread the word about Duet, this last week would be a good time to do so.

Thank you again for backing us. Your support has helped and inspired us in more ways then you might imagine.

Love for Life,



Final Week - 5 Days Left!

This past week has been preparing for the production road ahead. It definitely will be a massive undertaking for our humble facility in SoMa. 

The magic of production assembly begins with quality control (QC) of every single part made. We inspect each part individually to make sure it is up to our standards and suitable for assembly. We check the color, fit, and finish just to name a few. Many of the cosmetic parts require 100% inspection so we will end up doing QC on more than 10,000 parts... needless to say, we have been quite occupied this past week.

We are also now putting together some sub-assemblies to begin a small pre-production run. For example, the motors into the motor mounts, and the motor head assembly. So far we've had a few bumps here and there, as parts sometimes don't always come back from manufacturers as perfect as you want. But overall things are moving along.

On a less techy note, we are making sure we're crossing our t's and dotting our i's from the packaging stickers to the Crave charms that will be included in every single Duet. Check out the lovely charm pictured above that will have an engraved URL for detailed product info on the Duet. I'm wearing mine on my necklace!

This is the final week and we are genuinely overwhelmed by the amount of support from CKIE backers. We are so thankful that we have a very special announcement tomorrow - so stay tuned!

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