"What do I Crave?" Contest Winner!

We had roughly 68 really thoughtful entries which made our job of selecting just one rather difficult.  If you have not had a chance, you might want to read through all the entries in the comment section here.  The winning entry from Alexis was in the context of a longer post on the origin of the word "Crave" which we wanted to include here as well.

"As a grammatically-interested uncraven craver, I must refer you, dear readers and beloved makers of vibrating objects, to the etymology of words, which so often makes seemingly simple questions more complex.
Crave, probably of Northern Germanic origin, had a very different original meaning. From crafian, it meant to “demand by right.” The word probably had the same roots as “craft,” a word from which ordinary people derived much power – to be excellent at one’s craft was to have an elevated status, and be a cherished member of society.
In the 1400s, our word took what I think most of us posting on this message board about an awesome vibrator would agree is an unfortunate turn in its meaning. It started leaning towards the discreet, and its meaning changed to “private longing.” How ironic in that age of conquest (Columbus claimed the Americas in 1492) – how unfortunate for Crave that “demands” became “longings?”
'So as to what I crave, it’s a return to the old Crave. Especially as it relates to sex. Sexual fulfillment should be a widely-acknowledged right. A demand spoken freely and lovingly. I crave a world where people whose longings are currently privately shuttered away can feel the freedom to demand, by right, satisfaction.'"


VDay Contest #2: Engraved with Love

If you could personalize a vibrator...what would it say?

For a chance to win a Limited Edition custom engraved Duet, send us your prose (less than 40 characters)! You can see what this would look like on your Duet in the video below! To participate, just leave a comment below OR tweet us @followcrave (please include #USBVibeEngraving) before 9pm PST on Feb 10th, 2012. We will chose the most original engraving and announce the winner on February 11th!


VDay Contest #1: What do you Crave?

What Do You Crave? 

With VDay around the corner, not only should you GIVE but don't neglect yourself! We want to know what you crave...

For a chance to win a Limited Edition Duet, simply tell us What You Crave ... in a comment below OR tweet @followcrave (make sure to include #WhatICrave in your tweet) - before 9pm PST on Feb 8th, 2012. We will choose the most thoughtful entry and announce the winner on Feburary 9th! 


VDay Countdown Announcement

As we are just now catching up on all our pre-orders - and Valentine's day is one of our favorite times of the year - we thought it would be a great time to expand the conversation and properly celebrate this holiday with you. So whether you are loved up or single...we have some gorgeous surprises- just for being our friends.

So starting today, we are having a Valentine's Countdown with new happenings every day (so be sure to keep tabs on us by following us on Twitter @followcrave or Facebook). To give you a sneak peek of our contests, we have listed three of our big Limited Edition prizes below...

Contest #1
What Do You Crave? 
Don't neglect yourself! For a chance to win a Limited Edition Duet, simply tell us What You Crave... see entry details here.

Contest #2
Engraved with Love. 
If you could personalize a vibrator...what would it say? 
Just send us your most original personalization (limited to 40 characters) for a chance to win a Limited Edition Duet! See entry details here.

Contest #3
Around the World on VDay 2012: We want you to see the V-Day sky from around the world. 
Take a photo of the sky on February 14th wherever you are on V-day at anytime that day for a chance to win a Limited Edition 24 KT gold Duet! Details will be posted on February 12th.


FAST data transfer on memory duet working!!!

Getting pretty close!  This little video shows the download time of a 200meg file on the new board with near final code.  You can hear Ti's excitement in the background and Andrew copies a file from the Duet to the computer desktop.  We have one last known issue we are chasing, which is related to getting the Duet to go to "sleep" when not in use to conserve battery capacity.  We are having to work with the micro manufacturer to chase the bug down, but hopefully we are a few days away from a stable system ready for final testing.  Just in case you are wondering, the little red wires are simply there for code burning/debugging, not a part of the actual final board :)


Working in the dark & by iPhone light

The power went out for much of SOMA (our neighborhood) for several hours late in the day, and we had to improvise a bit to keep building as the sun set - suffice it to say we are still feeling a bit behind :)

The emergency exit light provided some light, but we eventually had to resort to a little local iPhone illumination.  Fortunately the power kicked on not much later as this approach clearly wasn't sustainable.


First Memory Duet Panels In - Testing Begins

A bit later in the week then hoped, but first panels are back from the board assembly house and final code work and testing begins over the weekend.


Pre-Production "hand stuffed" Memory Board

We had one of the boards assembled up by hand this weekend so we could start initial testing.  Will take a few more days to fully validate, but initial results look good.  The shot on the left has a paper-clip next to the board to show scale...lots of teeny little parts on these boards.


Memory Board Production Panels Arrive

We got the first batch of production board panels for memory Duets in today!  These boards - and the software that runs on them -  are the last major engineering milestones to get past, so assuming these all check out, we should be able to start shipping memory Duets in the coming weeks with a goal of all CKIE orders shipped before the month is out. We are assembling a test board this weekend to validate the design, and plan to enter volume production early next week.



Finally the 24KT gold plated Duet bodies we are happy with! After going through five different gold platers, we finally have quality samples that we can use. Above is a snap shot of the pieces before assembly. The plating is consistent, rich, and durable- which not all platers can achieve, some platers had durable finishes, but the color was odd or vice versa- so it was a long road to get here. Now, I can't wait to see them on the Lux models! 


CKIE Non-Memory Duets Shipped

While it has taken longer then we had hoped and was certainly much more work then we had envisioned, we are excited to have reached this milestone.  As of mid-week, we have shipped all non-memory Duets that we had complete information for.  There are still a few backers out there we are circling back with to get complete information (Address, color etc.), and will be shipping them as soon as we have this info.  If you are a CKIE backer you should at this time have either 1) Received your Duet 2) Received a shipping notice with tracking number (USPS), or 3) A note from us that we still need a bit more info.  If you do not fit into one of these groups, please shoot us a note at so we can make sure you are properly in the system and we will get your Duet sent right away.


New Duet Memory Board



We will be sending a more detailed status update and projected schedule for shipping the memory Duets by early next week to all CKIE backers of these products.  We have been pushing hard trying to get this out by the winter holiday, but unfortunately the complexity of new circuit has resulted in this process being much slower then we had thought it would be.  The good news, is we have a working prototype of the new board and are now entering the production phase.  We much appreciate everyone's patience as we bring these models to production and hope you will find the upgrade to High Speed USB 2.0 to be worth the wait.

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