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We've been busy making things better

The Crave Diaries have been a little quite the last few months, in large part because we've been working away on the 2nd generation Duet.  While we did rather extensive testing of the original, and initial feedback was incredible positive, a few months back we started to hear the sensation for some users was a bit too intense.  After doing a little research and another round of more extensive testing, it appeared that for 10%-20% of our users, the Duet tips just weren't well suited for them.  And while we know one size can never fit all, we felt we could do better, much better!

So it was back to design lab for some R&D and more sophisticated testing.  We might do a more detailed post on our process in the future, but the short story is we build an expanded community of amazing product testers and through their feedback, got a pretty good understanding of why some users didn't love the Duet.  It was a combination of the gap between the tips and the way the edges were treated.  We thus tooled up 6 different designs - with a variety of gap distances and edge treatments - narrowed to 4 (shown below) and did several more rounds of testing...finally converging on two forms that women really liked.  And because the Duet has two different sides, we were able to support one form on each side, allowing for a number of new options to explore sensation.


All Duets are now shipping with this new tip design, and for any customer who has one of the earlier models, we are offering a free upgrade to the new tips.  Just our way of saying thank you for being an early supporter.

Initial reports from our testing and some early reviewers suggest that we have not only addressed the elements that some didn't like, we appear to have made it a much more desirable product for all users.  Oh, and then 2nd generation Duet now has 25% more power, and on top of that a special "turbo" mode :)

A big thanks to all those who took the time to give us the feedback!  We wouldn't have been able take the product to the next level without your help.

The Crave Team


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